Friday, 11 March 2016

Safeguard AOL Data with AOL Mail Backup Solution

AOL Mail or America Online Mail is a proprietary email service introduced by AOL. Launched in the year 1993, AOL has been successful in maintaining its popularity until the present date.  Since it has a proprietary content license, it can be downloaded free of cost.

When it comes to ensure the availability of AOL mail data, even if the data from the server is wiped off, creation of backup is necessary. In this blog, we will discuss about the inbuilt option with which the AOL emails can be backed up and the potential limitations related with the same. In addition to this, an alternative method has also been discussed.

Necessity to Backup AOL Mail Folders

Consider a scenario where in an organization AOL is used for communication purpose. it may happen that in order to take out revenge on the organization, a former employee might delete the entire data from the account. In such cases, if a backup of the account data exists, the entire data can be retrieved without any issue.

Taking regular backup of AOL mails is necessary, as it ensures that a copy of the entire emails will be stored locally even if the emails are deleted from the server. In addition to this, the backup files can also be shared with required users when necessary. 

Inbuilt Backup Feature in AOL Mail

AOL Mail provides the feature to backup the AOL data, which can also be restored in AOL if required. In order to create a backup of the entire data, the user needs to select the Backup option from the Manage Saved Mail category, present in the interface of AOL. When selected, this option will automatically backup AOL mail folders when the mailbox window is closed.

The backup file can only be viewed and restored in AOL only. In absence of AOL, the backup files are useless.

Alternative Solution to Backup AOL Data

Since the manual method of creating backup in AOL Mail has some limitations associated with it, users faces trouble how to create AOL Mail Backup & so users can deploy third party applications for doing the same. One such solution that can be used for taking backup of AOL data is AOL Backup. The software creates a backup and convert AOL mails into PST, MBOX, EML and MSG file formats. The highlighting features of the software are:
  •     Facilitates creation of IM conversation backup.
  •          Provision to backup selective AOL emails.
  •          Option to delete data from server after backup is created.
  •          Facility to set bandwidth throttling at the time of backup.
The free downloads AOL backup solution can be acquired from the official website.


From the above discussions, it gets clear that although AOL provides the option to create backup of the entire data, it does not prove to be helpful in case the user wants to access data in other applications in future. Therefore, for making this possible, third party tools are the best and the most reliable option.